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Product Details
Generic Name: Albendazole
Brand Name: Albenza
Albenza is an anti-worm or anthelmintic medicine that prevents newly hatched insect larvae from multiplying or growing in the human body. It is used for curing several infections that are caused by worms like dog tapeworm and pork tapeworm. Also known as Albendazole, Albenza is sold as Zentel, Eskazole, Alworm and Andazol and is a member of benzimidazole compounds used as a medicine indicated for treatment of variety of worm infestations. Sold by Amedra Pharmaceuticals, it was originally founded at SmithKline Animal Health Laboratories in the year 1972. It is a wide range anthelmintic, effective against: tapeworms, flukes of humans and domestic animals and roundworms.
Doses of Albenza
  • Albenza or Albendazole can be taken as recommended by your doctor; nevertheless not in larger amounts.
  • It has to be taken with food; if you have trouble swallowing the tablet, chew or crush the tablet and drink glass full of water.
  • At times, Albendazole is given in cycle of four weeks followed by two weeks of not using this medicine.
  • Your indications might get better before the infection is fully cured; however it won’t cure viral infection like flu or common cold. Albenza can lower blood cells, which help your body fight infections.
  • Missed dose of Albendazole can be taken as soon as you remember; don’t take additional dose to make the missed one.
  • Get medical help in case of overdose.
  • Store Albenza at room temperature away from heat and moisture.