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Product Details
Generic Name: amiodarone (oral)
Brand Name: Cordarone, Pacerone
Cordarone is an antiarrhythmic medicine, which affects the rhythm of heartbeats and is used to help keep the heart beating normally in patients with life threatening heart rhythm disorders of ventricles. It is used for curing ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia. Also known as Amiodarone and marketed by Baxter Healthcare Corporation under trade name Nexterone), it is an antiarrhythmic agent used for several kinds of cardiac dysrhythmias, both atrial and ventricular. It was discovered in the year 1961, and in spite of relatively common side effects, it is used in arrhythmias which are otherwise difficult to cure with medication.
Doses of Cordarone:
  • You will initially receive first few doses of Cordarone in the hospital setting where your heart can be monitored in case the medicine causes side effects.
  • You can take this medicine as recommended by your doctor; however not in larger amounts and not for longer than prescribed.
  • It can be taken with glass full of water; you might take Amiodarone with or without food.
  • To ensure this medicine isn’t causing any harmful effects, you blood will need to be tested on regular basis. Your liver and thyroid function might also need to be tested and you might need chest x-rays and eye exams.
  • Take the missed dose as soon as you remember; don’t take additional dose to make up the missed one.
  • Get emergency medical help, in case of overdose; symptoms include fainting, weakness, feeling light headed and slow heart rate.
  • Store Cordarone at room temperature away from light, moisture and heat.