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Product Details
Generic Name: Trazodone
Brand Name: Desyrel
Desyrel is an antidepressant medicine that affects chemicals in brain, which might cause depression and might become unbalanced. It is used for curing depression. Also known as Trazodone and marketed under several trade names Beneficat, Oleptro, Desirel, Deprax, Thombran, Molipaxin, Trialodine, Trazorel, Mesyrel and Trittico, Desyrel is an antidepressant of SARI (serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor) class. It is a phenylpiperazine compound that also has anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and hypnotic (sleep inducing) effects. It has considerably fewer prominent sexual side effects and anticholinergic (constipation, dry mouth and tachycardia) as compared to most of TCAs (tricyclic antidepressants).
Doses of Desyrel :
  • Take Desyrel or Trazodone as recommended by your doctor; however not in smaller or larger amounts and not for longer than prescribed.
  • Your doctor might occasionally change the dose to ensure you get better results.
  • Trazodone should be taken after snack or meal.
  • Take this medicine on empty stomach at bedtime, unless your doctor tells you to.
  • Don’t chew or crush the extended release tablet; swallow it whole.
  • It might take around 14 days before your symptoms improve.
  • Don’t stop using this medicine suddenly or you could have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.
  • Missed dose can be taken as soon as you remember; don’t take additional dose to make the missed one.
  • Get medical help in case of overdose; symptoms include breathing which stops or slows, drowsiness, seizure (convulsions or blackouts), vomiting, pounding or fast heartbeat or penis erection which is prolonged or painful.
  • Store Trazodone tablets at room temperature away from light, heat and moisture.