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Product Details
Generic Name: Loperamide
Brand Name: Imodium A-D
Imodium slows digestion rhythm so that small intestines have more time for absorbing nutrients and fluid from the food you eat. It is also used for curing diarrhea and is used for reducing stool amount in patients who have ileostomy. Also known as Loperamide, Imodium is a synthetic piperidine derivative and opioid drug that’s used against diarrhea resulting from inflammatory bowel disease or gastroenteritis. In many nations, it is offered generically and under brand names including Imodium, Lopex, Fortasec, Dimor, Pepto Diarrhea Control and Lopedium. It was developed at Janssen Pharmaceutica.
Doses of Imodium
  • Take Imodium as recommended by your doctor; nevertheless not in smaller or larger amounts or for longer than prescribed.
  • Loperamide can be taken with glass full of water, so drink additional water, while you are taking this medicine to keep from getting dehydrated.
  • Loperamide is usually taken at first sign of diarrhea or again when it comes back. You shouldn’t take this medicine over three times in a day without the advice of your doctor.
  • Shake the liquid form well before use and measure it with a special dose measuring spoon or cup.
  • Get emergency medical help in case of overdose; symptoms include vomiting, dizziness, severe bloating or stomach cramps, drowsiness and urinating less than usual.
  • Store Loperamide tablets at room temperature away from heat and moisture.