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Product Details
Generic Name: :Ethambutol
Brand Name: Myambutol
Myambutol is an antibiotic medicine that prevents growth of TB (tuberculosis) bacteria in the human body and is also used for curing TB. Ethambutol or Myambutol hydrochloride is the oral chemotherapeutic agent that’s specifically effective against actively growing microorganisms of genus Mycobacterium including M. tuberculosis. It is used with other medicines for treating TB and works by stopping the growth of bacteria. It cures only the infections of bacteria; however won’t work for viral infections like flu or common cold. Misuse or unnecessary of this antibiotic might lead to decreased effectiveness. Myambutol might also be used with other medicines for preventing MAC infection from occurring again in patients with advanced HIV infection.
Doses of Myambutol :
  • You can take Myambutol as recommended by your doctor. If you don’t understand about the instructions, ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to explain.
  • Myambutol can be taken with glass full of water.
  • It is usually combined with one or more TB medications.
  • You can take the missed dose as soon as you remember. In case of overdose, seek medical attention.
  • Store Myambutol at room temperature away from heat and moisture.