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Product Details
Generic Name: :Rifampin
Brand Name: Rifadin
Rifadin is an antibiotic medicine that prevents bacteria from spreading in the human body and is used for preventing or curing TB (tuberculosis). It is also used for eliminating bacteria from your throat or nose, which might cause meningitis or other diseases, even if you don’t have the infection. It also prevents you from spreading this bacteria to other people; however the medication won’t treat the infection that’s caused by bacteria. Rifadin is also known as Rifampin and is a bactericidal antibiotic drug of Rifamycin group. It’s a semisynthetic compound derived from Amycolatopsis rifamycinica originally called Streptomyces mediterranei and Amycolatopsis mediterranei. Rifampin works by killing the bacteria, which are causing the infection. It does this by inactivating and targeting a bacterial enzyme known as RNA-polymerase.
Doses of Rifadin :
  • You can take Rifadin as recommended by your physician; however not in larger amounts.
  • Rifampin capsule can also be taken on empty stomach 2 hours after or 1 hour before meal.
  • Symptoms might get better if the infection is fully cured.
  • Take the missed dose, as soon as you remember; seek medical help in case of overdose.
  • Symptoms include nausea, feeling like you may pass out, vomiting, uneven or fast heart rate, itching, weakness or headache.