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Product Details
Generic Name: Montelukast
Brand Name: Singulair
Singulair is a leukotriene inhibitor, a chemical your body releases when you breathe in allergen. These chemicals cause tightening of muscles around airways and swelling in lungs that can result in symptoms of asthma. It is used for preventing asthma attacks in children and adolescents and also for preventing exercise induced bronchospasm in adolescents and children at least six years old. Singulair is also used for curing symptoms of perennial (year round) or seasonal allergies. Also known as Montelukast, it is used for asthma maintenance and is usually administered orally. It reduces the bronchoconstriction caused by leukotriene, resulting in less inflammation. Singulair is used for numerous situations such as urticaria, asthma, allergic rhinitis and bronchospasm. When used for managing and preventing asthma, it is important to know that this medicine shouldn’t be used for asthma attack, which has already started.
Doses of Singulair
  • Use Singulair exactly as recommended by your healthcare provider; don’t use in small or large amounts or not for longer prescribed.
  • It is basically taken once every day in the evening for preventing the symptoms of allergy and asthma. Use single dosage at least two hours before exercise and don’t use another dosage for around 24 hours.
  • If you are already using this medicine for preventing the symptoms of allergy or asthma, you should not take it for exercise induced bronchoconstriction.
  • Take this medicine with glass full of water and swallow the tablet whole.
  • Oral granules must be placed directly into mouth and swallowed or mixed with teaspoonful of ice cream, applesauce, rice or mashed carrots.
  • It might take couple of weeks before your symptoms enhance, so keep using this medicine as recommended by your healthcare provider.
  • Asthma is basically cured with combination of medicines, so use all drugs as prescribed by your doctor. Read the patient instructions or medication guide offered with each medicine.
  • Use Singulair once you remember; don’t double the dose for making up the missed one.
  • Get emergency medical help, in case of overdose.
  • Store this medication at room temperature away from heat and moisture and don’t open the packet of oral granules till you are ready to use it.